A simple, easy fact-find service for you & your clients.

Y ou want to offer good advice and clients want your advice. However, as we all know, the way financial advice is paid for changed in January 2013. Commission is now banned; you need to agree fees. It will be difficult to charge for what a client sees no value in — that initial Q&A session where you have to get to 'know your client'.

Our simple fact find service allows the client to complete their details in advance of any meeting. You can review those details online, at your leisure, whenever and wherever suits you.

W hen you're ready to advise the client, you can review their fact-find report and be in a far better position to provide suitable advice. You can also brand and revise an asset and investment summary that provides your client with a professional report of their financial portfolio.

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Talk to your clients about what they actually need and not about their date of birth.

Ensure that you 'know your client' with a full fact-find and financial summary.

Better facts. Better advice.

Clients can complete a fact-find questionnaire in their own time and at their own pace. You'll then have all the information that you need to offer accurate and suitable advice.

Clients want advice, not an interrogation. You want to give advice, but need the facts to ensure that your advice is suitable.

With all your client's details at your fingertips, moneyVault helps you provide a better service and offer better advice.

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Better reports. Better service.

You can update all the details of your client's financial portfolio to make sure that the details are up-to-date with our simple and easy-to-use site.

Then — without spending hours updating a fiddly spreadsheet — you can quickly produce a financial summary of all their assets and liabilities.

Brand the report with your logo and company details and enhance the service that you offer to all your clients.

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Tick the compliance box.

Financial advice is changing. It's now more important than ever to ensure that you 'know your client'.

With a full fact-find behind you — and confidence that the client has provided the most accurate information — you've got what you need to help you comply with the latest legislation.

And, as all these details are stored safely and securely online, you can easily update them at any time to help you stay compliant.

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