We think it's time you gave up filing...

I nstead of stuffing that dark cupboard under the stairs with all your financial records, why not store them safely and securely online with moneyVault and take back control of your financial portfolio.

With all your financial records online — accessible and updatable from anywhere — you can make sure that all your details are up-to-date and accurate. Then, when you want to get some financial advice from a finance professional, you'll have it all to hand — no more scrabbling around in that cupboard!

P lus, we provide you with a couple of really useful reports — a fact-find report that summarises all your details and a personal financial summary that tots up your net worth.

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Manage your assets, your liabilities and your money all in one place.

See at a glance what you've got, who it's with and how much it's worth.

Personal ”fact-find” report.

Quickly and easily enter your personal details and generate a single document summarising all your financial information.

This is incredibly useful when applying for a mortgage or when taking financial advice.

Avoid the tedious hour-long Q&A session that a good adviser is obliged to complete to ensure they ‘know their client’. Our fact-find report provides everything they need to ensure they offer the most suitable product.

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Asset & Investment summary

What have I got? Who is it with? How much it is all worth? With your financial records tucked away in that dark cupboard they're not easy questions to answer. And, over time, we all end up with savings accounts, policies and pensions etc. that get left behind or forgotten.

Our personal financial summary summarises it all for you. You can update valuations and add or delete plans as necessary to get an accurate, up-to-date overview of your net worth and a clearer view of your portfolio.

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Save money. Protect yourself.

Financial advice changed in January 2013. Commission for most investment based products was banned. Advisers now work on fees.

If you provide the fact-find report and an financial summary in advance of a meeting with an adviser, you can save time and therefore money.

As an added benefit, advisers will have no excuse for recommending inappropriate products or offering incomplete advice.

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