Help and Frequently Asked Questions

If the information below doesn't help, feel free to drop us a line and we'll try and answer any questions.

Why use moneyVault?

In a word, convenience. If you're anything like us (before we created moneyVault) you've got a filing cabinet, or dark cupboard, that houses all your financial information. You'll have pension statements, bank statements, life insurance cover (etc. etc.) all filed away never to see the light of day again. Whenever you want to review your finances, or seek some professional advice on managing your assets better, you have to dig it all out and sit down with your adviser to review it in detail.


With moneyVault, all that information is immediately available whenever you want it and wherever you are. You can share the relevant information with an adviser and she will be able to review it in her own time and from the comfort of her own desk. Then, when you do sit down together, you can have some quality time discussing the best approach for managing your money and not what your date of birth is or which insurance company you have your life covered with.

How can I trust you?

You can't. We're wicked and we're going to steal all your stuff! Not really. No, wait, come back — it was a joke! We do, of course, take security very seriously. You can view our thoughts on security here but we will do our utmost to earn your trust in us by protecting the information that you store with moneyVault making sure that it is only accessible to you and your trusted advisers.

What is a personal ”fact-find” report

If you are looking to apply for any financial product or get some advice from a financial adviser then you usually have to complete a 'fact-find' questionnaire. These questionnaires will ask all sorts of questions about you, your family and your finances to build up a picture that an adviser can then use to provide suitable products and advice.


With our fact-find report, all of this information is immediately available to the adviser without having to complete yet another questionnaire. When you've entered all your details into moneyVault once you can print a summary report that outlines all your details in an easy to review format whenever you need to.


Armed with one of these comprehensive reports (see an example) you'll be able to provide just what your adviser needs and start talking about your requirements straight away — instead of your date of birth.


NOTE: The example report shown above is produced from mock client information.

What is a personal financial summary?

With the personal financial summary (see an example) you can see all of your assets, liabilities and money outlined in a concise, yet comprehensive format that provides a snapshot of your entire financial portfolio. At a glance you'll be able to get a clear picture of what you have, who it is with and how much it is all worth.


As valuations change and new plans are added you can quickly and easily change your details to ensure that the report remains an accurate, up-to-date reflection of your portfolio.


And, by providing this information alongside the fact-find report to your adviser, they will also have all the information they need to provide you with accurate, informed advice. Plus, because you've provided this in advance, you won't have to sit through the tedious Q&A session that advisers are obliged to undertake — saving you both time and money!


NOTE: The example report shown above is produced from mock client information.

Can I store documents too?

Of course! As you complete the details of your financial portfolio, you can attach supporting documents as scans, images or whatever format you have them in.


The documents are collected together in a convenient set of folders and can then be reviewed or downloaded by you — or your adviser — at any time.

For Finance Professionals

How does this help me help my client?

Financial advice is changing. As most advice becomes fee-based, it's imperative that you can gather the information you need from a client while at the same time maximising the time you spend with them. By using moneyVault, a client can provide detailed financial information beforehand so you can concentrate on offering advice and not on filling in forms.


As a trusted adviser, with on-going access to your client's information, you will be able to keep valuations up-to-date and provide professional, custom-branded reports to enhance the service you offer and help your client better understand their financial portfolio.


What reports can I share with my client?

The adviser fact-find (see an example) and financial summary (see an example) reports are clear and simple documents that accurately summarise a client's personal and financial information. You can customise these reports with your logo and colour scheme so they are branded appropriately for your business.


Stop spending hours fiddling about with a spreadsheet and instead produce professional and comprehensive reports with a single click. Free up your time so you can get in front of your clients. Present them with all the latest information on their portfolio and provide a better, more personal service.


NOTE: The example reports shown above are produced from mock client information.

How does this help me stay compliant?

Compliance is a key concern for all advisers. To help you comply with the latest legislation, one thing you need to ensure that you 'know your client'.


moneyVault helps by providing a framework for clients to complete their details themselves so that information provided is both accurate and up-to-date.


This, in turn, will help you feel more comfortable that you know your client and can provide advice on the basis of the best information to hand.